Morocco Tours | Enjoying Tetotuan and things to do

Morocco Tours | Enjoying Tetotuan and things to do

There are experiences that should never be forgot. We know that when you go to another country, you face positive and negative experiences, but at the end what you should expect? Nothing can be happy or positive. Thanks to this, we have heard exciting stories of people visiting Morocco. Some of them are funny and some of them are not too funny.

There was a lady who was really surprised by the fact that many men were flirting with her. I know it may be natural as you are in Morocco and this commonly happens, but the thing that most affect this girl was that this situation happened in Tetotuan. So, I know you are wondering: where is Tetotuan? Well, it is located in Morocco and actually is not a touristic city. Many people prefer visiting Fez or Marrakech and they forget about this city. So, this lady never thought about being stalked in this city and I will think the same. So, if we forget about the lady’s story, can we talk about why is Tetotuan being ignored? This city is amazing and I think that thanks to the fact that this is not a touristic city, some places are untouched and are really good maintained, and also it is a center of many artists around Morocco.

If we begin the Morocco Tours here we will find some interesting places. The first place is the Ensemble Artisanal. It may seem bored for people who do not enjoy doing handicrafts and do not even think about buying carpets or things like that. But, when you get here you realize is different, even if you do not like handicrafts you feel interested. Here you do not come only for buying carpets and things like that, you come here to see how artists work and do handicrafts. They are so kind and they invite you to see how they work.

I know that there are some places in the Morocco trips that you would love to skip, but at the same time I know that if you are walking you will end in these places anyways. Tanneries are not the right places for everybody. Actually, it smells bad and some people cannot afford looking at how they work with skins. You do not have to see this but if you end up here without noticing, Moroccans will welcome you with a huge smile.

The medina is another great and traditional place to go. If you want to avoid people stalking, just be polite and learn how to say “no”. In this colorful place you will enjoy of looking at various things that people sell here. There are fruits, handicrafts, clothes, among other things.

Many people do not understand why this place is commonly skipped. In my opinion, it seems like one of the most pure places in Morocco and also interesting. It seems like thanks to the fact that many tourists do not visit this cities, some places are untouchable and ready to be discovered. So, I consider Tetotuan as one of those cities that are ready to be discovered but it is one of those places that people do not give a chance to know better.

It will be a great adventure if I have the opportunity to travel here. As a traveling lover and an active person, discovering cities like Tetotuan is always exciting for me. Whenever you want to the Morocco Trips I think you should consider this city as one of the best cities in Morocco, or maybe one of those cities.

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